Campaigns that have inspired the Team in June

We can’t quite believe that it will be July by the end of the week – didn’t June just start?

But we’re ready for a long, hot summer! To prepare us for plenty of creative ideas in the month ahead, we thought we’d share some campaigns that have inspired us recently…



There is some great content being published at the moment and I’ve been looking on TikTok to understand what the appetite is. There are obviously millions of accounts, but this one stands out because despite authentic content being on the rise, none of their posts are real. It’s been artificially created and proves just how clever AI is…


Keep your hands clean.

♬ original sound – Tom – Tom

A good script and concept for the short video means that the fake is indistinguishable from the real thing. While it’s certainly unique, there’s no doubt this is slightly creepy and comes with plenty of questions and concerns to consider.


I thought that this campaign from Papa John’s was really meaningful and well-timed.  They removed the ‘papa’ from their iconic logo to raise awareness for prostate cancer on Fathers Day, which really made consumers think about a world without fathers. They then shared how to ‘dough-nate’ to Prostate Cancer UK on their website. This inspired me to think about ways of raising awareness for certain things at times when they’ll be most prevalent in a sensitive matter.



Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend the Download Pilot music festival.

Although it only had a capacity of 10,000, as opposed to the usual 100,000 festival-goers the event attracts each year, it was truly inspiring to see live music and events production back in full swing.

With only a matter of weeks for the organisers to pull the event together, the level of organisation was extremely impressive.

There was a huge amount of positivity flowing through the weekend. This gave me hope that the beginning of the live events industry opening up again.



There have been so many, so here are two of my favourites!

I love this campaign from Interflora around normalising giving flowers to your dad on Fathers Day. So simple but effective, using video footage of fathers receiving them. It even inspired me to send flowers to my dad and he was so happy! Goes to show that campaign worked…

I also wanted to mention this clever marketing from Ikea. After Ronaldo removed Coca Cola bottles from his shot at a press conference at the Euro 2020 and instead encouraged people to drink water, Ikea named their water bottle ‘Cristiano’ and shared across social media.



A new app in Barcelona shows residents the shadiest route from A to B to avoid extreme heat/sun exposure during the summer months – genius! This demonstrates a well-planned launch for a very current and health-conscious app. Definitely makes me think about the importance of promoting clients’ ventures at the right time, to the right audience, and in the right place.



This month, ex and current employees at BrewDog have revealed that it isn’t the company it purports to be. This has left them with a reputation issue and shone a light on imperfect business practices. I am noticing so much tension for growing companies at the moment between scaling at a pace and doing the right thing, and needing to be on same page as employees. It’s certainly time for business to ensure brand values and employee brand are one and the same!

What campaigns will have inspired us in July?

These are an amazing mix of inspirations from the team that can be put to use in the work we do. Technology, timing, and testing are crucial to operate the media landscape and garner the right attention.

We are constantly getting inspired for the work we do, check it out!

We can’t wait to see what July brings, let us know what campaigns have inspired you!