B2B social media trends on LinkedIn

Since lockdown began, we’ve seen the number of companies leveraging LinkedIn increase. With fewer face to face encounters, businesses have turned to LinkedIn to nurture and build new relationships.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with clients to re-position how they conduct business using LinkedIn. Here are the key shifts in behaviour and some opportunities for growth we’ve seen on LinkedIn.

Getting personal

We saw a clear shift in the way business leaders communicated, from a top line brand message to a much more personal tone, leaders took to LinkedIn to provide regular updates demonstrating empathy and compassion. CEOs like Stewart Butterfield used the platform to talk about experiences like how a 2,000-employee company (Slack) moved to working remotely overnight, paving the way for conversation about how to keep a business running during a pandemic.

And it seems LinkedIn wants to see more of this type of content, recent engagement figures released by the social platform showed topics covering business continuity jumped by 144% in engagement in the last three to four months.

At AMBITIOUS we’ve been working with CEOs to support them in taking their important conversations onto LinkedIn – whether that be a building supplier choosing to stay open throughout the pandemic or a co-working space managing a temporary building closure. LinkedIn has become an extension of our communications tactics and we’ve seen CEOs embrace the platform as a way to respond promptly and keep stakeholders and communities updated.

Taking partnerships online

In the last three months we have also been busy working with sales teams, HR departments and marketing communications managers looking to adopt robust employee advocacy programmes on social media. Companies up and down the country had to digitally transform overnight, and this was no different for sales teams who spent most of their days travelling for face-to-face meetings. As part of our social media training support, we developed bespoke workshops to ensure relationships that were forged offline could be fostered and maintained on LinkedIn. Through a mix of technical advice, content and engagement recommendations, we were able to equip teams to keep collaborating and find potential prospects using the platform.

Opportunities for collaboration

One thing we expect to see more of is brand collaboration. A good example of this is the recent partnership between Lush and Deliveroo. Soap and cosmetics retailer Lush has developed a small soap that dissolves in 20 seconds of use. Their aim is to promote extra hygiene awareness.  It has partnered with food delivery company Deliveroo, to distribute the soap to customers with all of its meal orders. The collaboration has promoted the soap through social channels and an online video, and customers can request the soap to be sent directly to them via the microsite.

Employer Branding

Many clients have certainly been using the past few months to get their house in order when it comes to their digital strategy and preparing for future growth.

We know that brands consider digital a high priority area, but for many clients their 2021 digital plans have been brought forward by at least 12 months. We’ve been working with one client team in particular on developing their social media policy in an effort to engage its employees and to use social to attract new talent to the business.

To promote the brand as a work place of choice, its employees are encouraged to share their views and experiences in a relatable way on LinkedIn. With everybody working from home, its employees are sharing the creative ways that their employer is making them feel rewarded and motivated.

Working with your employees to encourage them to be a part telling the business story across their social channels creates invaluable brand ambassadors. This approach has so much more impact and authenticity that relying solely on corporate channels.

We’ve worked with clients across healthcare, small business and trade sectors to help them fine tune their team profiles, understand the value of groups on LinkedIn groups, the use of hashtags for their specific sectors and test a variety of content formats that spark engagement.


If you are yet to use LinkedIn as a platform to help your business grow, speak to our team about ways we can re-ignite the conversation. We’d be delighted to show you and your team the many opportunities that LinkedIn can offer.