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Building your brand

Recently the AMBITIOUS team paid a visit to Watershed to attend the first post-covid Bristol Creative Industries keynote event.   The speaker was Rita Clifton, former chairman of Interbrand, columnist, commentator, and global branding expert. During her insightful session at Bristol’s Watershed, Clifton touched on many of the cornerstones of building your brand, and how they […]

Rita Clifton talks brand strategy

Brand strategy is a term many of you reading this will have heard but what do you know about this highly specialised practice?  The legend Rita Clifton CBE has throughout a glittering career risen to the pinnacle of this practice. She recently paid a visit to Bristol, as a keynote speaker at the first post-Covid […]

Airbnb: a crisis PR success story

On the 3rd of May 2022 Airbnb’s founder and CEO, Brian Chesky, took to Twitter to announce the company’s Q1 results. They looked a little something like this: 102M nights booked $1.5B revenue (70% Y/Y) $(19)M net loss $229M adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) $1.2B free cash flow Strong numbers for […]

Social media analytics: a tool for growth

Understanding how to make the most out of your social media can be a tricky task for a business owner. In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, the right kind of social media is what sets you apart from your competitors. Are you reaching enough people, are you reaching the right people? Is your sponsored content […]

Substack: the platform taking the internet by storm

For many brands businesses and media organizations, newsletter content is now the most stable means of maintaining readership and visibility, through a more direct connection between author and reader.   And Substack is an organisation taking the written word by storm. So, how does Substack work?  It is very much a fledgling organisation. It was […]


What is content marketing and why your business needs it? Content marketing is the strategic planning, creation, distribution and measurement of sharing media (images, video, infographics etc) and published content to generate and engage customers. This is very much a dictionary definition of the term. Content marketing is in fact so much more than this. […]


Content is king… and one of the best ways to get your message across is through video in 2022′. Over the last five years, video content has dominated cross-platform reach, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin or TikTok, people are consuming video at a staggering rate. Then we have the question of optimisation. An optimised video […]