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How to do effective media relations

A media relations strategy should be a part of any strong public relations and marketing campaign. Media relations is all about creating and building relationships with journalists and media outlets. These relationships offer a mutual benefit between both media organisations and businesses who wish to leverage them. Companies use media relations to generate media coverage […]

6 top tips for healthcare PR

They say it’s good to talk and that’s proving to be truer than ever when it comes to healthcare PR. The exponential continued growth of digital media means that there are now more opportunities to engage with people across society than ever before. It’s estimated that close to five billion people around the world now […]

Media training for social media

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, rest and play. It has also sped up changes in the way our media operates by speeding up the digitisation process. Meetings via Zoom and Teams make the working day go-round as we use hybrid working practices away from offices. The way the media operates has also undergone a […]

Lights, camera, action: why CEO media training is vital

Lights, camera, action…. there’s nothing like media interviews to test even the most experienced CEO. There are many who will relish the opportunity to pit their wits against journalists. Some will dread what they deem an ordeal.  Either way, CEOs ranging from the ultra-confident to the ultra-anxious will benefit from support in the shape of […]

How to avoid making a drama out of an energy crisis  

They say that a week’s a long time in politics and that old adage certainly applies to the communications business if OVO Energy’s recent experience is anything to go by. For Boris Johnson, the stage was set for a disastrous week (or two) by the revelations that parties had been staged at Number 10 Downing Street […]

Discover the power of storytelling in business

Everyone loves a great story, don’t they? Storytelling is one of the oldest, most powerful communication tools we have as humans. Our brains are wired for stories. As babies and children, we loved a good story. It promotes brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens relationships. And storytelling in business is vital too. […]