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August Marketing Inspiration

August 2022. The month football came home for the first time in decades! We saw brands celebrate with witty reactionary campaigns, as well as a fun blast from the past from an old rival of Netflix… Will “Who knew you could freeze milk? Well, I didn’t. But now thanks to Co-Op and their new milk […]

Marketing in the metaverse

Similar questions arose when B2B businesses joined the social media world. Here we take a look at where the metaverse is, where it’s going and why B2B businesses need to represent their brand in the metaverse, now. The metaverse explained Meta, previously Facebook, announced they were rebranding and focusing on ‘the metaverse’ in 2021. Most […]

July Marketing Inspiration

July has again brought us our yearly dose of British sunshine. Reminding us annually that we should probably invest in aircon and a new pair of sandals; only to be in jumpers again next week. Accompanying our political drama, we have had an array of giggle-worthy reactive campaigns to the departure of Boris Johnson from […]

June Marketing Inspirations

June went quicker than it came around, bringing with it a whole range of summer campaigns. Inflation went up, fuel went through the roof but some prices did manage to come down. Here we take a look at our favourite marketing and PR campaigns that have crossed our paths this month. With 2022 seeing the […]

May Marketing Inspiration

With the new financial year in full swing, marketers are bringing out the big guns with their campaigns. Here are some of our favourite picks that have crossed our path in May. Liam & Katy Coco Cola’s move towards easier recycling “My PR/marketing inspo’ for this month is the announcement that Coca Cola will soon […]

April Marketing Inspiration

Having so much to choose from, picking our highlights has been difficult this month. April saw Easter and April Fools Day spark up countless campaigns… Sarah Elon Musk is trending on Twitter, about Twitter. In response to the media frenzy, everyone searching for the latest twitter-news, Specsavers decided it was the perfect time to remind […]

PR apprenticeship and Kickstarter with AMBITIOUS

Here at AMBITIOUS, we have welcomed three people on a PR apprenticeship or Kickstart Scheme to bring new people into the PR and communications industry. Our founder, Lis Anderson, puts “attitude, energy and interest” above qualifications. People having a genuine interest in what they do, their brains acting as a sponge throughout their career, gives […]

Power of Experiential Marketing in B2B

We live in the world of personalisation and tailored experience. Netflix now offers you to choose what you should watch tonight. Everything is taken care of.  So, a lack of personality and interaction can leave us feeling flat. With many B2B marketers pushing a humanistic approach to marketing, getting in touch with people’s emotions, immersive […]