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The importance of law PR

Law public relations (PR) plays a critical role in the success of law firms operating in the B2B space. Law firms can struggle to stand out in a regulated industry, where the assumption from potential clients is that all law firms are qualified and it therefore makes little difference when picking the right law firm. […]

What is ESG Marketing? Buzzword, or beneficial?

The terminology relating to responsible business practices is constantly evolving in part due to politically-charged debates originating in the US, with the 3-letter acronym ESG often in the firing line. In this blog, we look at whether the phrase can and should be applied to the world of marketing… Mentions of ‘ESG marketing’ in the […]

4 key learnings from working on ESG projects

With this year’s COP just around the corner, changes to international sustainability reporting rules in the new year and following another summer of unprecedented heat – ESG and sustainability continue to be top of business agendas. When it comes to our ESG and sustainability work, the range is unsurprisingly broad: the challenges and opportunities vary […]

Why your business needs an ESG reporting strategy

Implementing an effective environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy has become an essential part of corporate governance. But it’s not enough to have a strategy; it needs to be communicated publicly, to enable accountability and comply with regulatory requirements. This is why ESG reporting has become such a significant focus in recent years, and why […]

The difference between ESG and sustainability and why PR teams need to get it right 

The use of the terms ESG and business sustainability have become essential to business communication. While these terms are often used interchangeably, even by environmental experts, distinguishing between them couldn’t be more important. This is especially true of communications and marketing teams who may be creating content around sustainability claims. It’s also the case for […]

Nothing but the truth: 4 basic principles of ethical communication

Many businesses claim to promote the values of trust, honesty, and transparency in their day-to-day practices. However, what an organisation says doesn’t always align with what an organisation does. When this happens, businesses can face harsh financial and reputational consequences. Communication ethics are critical. Not only for avoiding these pitfalls but to build a strong […]

Critical communications: navigating ESG and corporate responsibility PR

The number of companies facing a backlash for greenwashing in relation to their sustainability initiatives is on the rise. Responsible businesses are rightfully afraid of greenwashing, especially given the scale of potential fines, but there are clear actions businesses can take to avoid it, and companies should not be afraid to add ESG communications to […]