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Sharing is caring… why share of voice matters

A share of voice analysis is one of the most helpful and insightful tools in a PR’s arsenal. Ever since we’ve been able to pull media mentions, we’ve been comparing groups of competitors. It helps us set KPIs, benchmark against and gain insight into what topics are cutting through in the media – it’s not an ego measurement. […]

Persona mapping and PR: all you need to know

Persona mapping is a critical business function that can help your marketing functions create better engagement and improve return on investment. Businesses that are not basing their marketing efforts on solid persona mapping run the risk of creating ineffective content and marketing strategies, which could hurt their bottom line and more. Knowing not only who […]

Why you should invest in online community management

If you want brand success, you need to think about the kind of relationships you have with your customers. A few decades ago, building and maintaining relationships with customers was easy. Businesses would open physical locations and invite people to make a purchase. Customers returned not just because of the products, but because they had […]

Marketing to Gen Z: what you need to know

The economic power of Generation Z, researchers at Morgan Stanley noting their birth years from 1997–2012, is on the rise. They represent a staggering $360 billion in disposable income, and they’re about to become the highest-paid generation in history. Despite their purchasing capabilities, this next generation of spenders has fundamental differences that make them a […]

How to use Instagram for business

In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded the photo sharing app, Instagram. It gained instant and rapid popularity. Racking up a million users within two months, and ten million within a year, Instagram boasted over one billion users by 2018. It is now one of the most used social media platforms, globally. Instagram’s rise […]

How to choose your PR partner?

Choosing the right PR is paramount to ensure your messages and narrative are communicated in the right way. But with a wealth of choices out there, how do you know who’s the right fit for you? And how do you go about finding, and hiring, them? In this blog post, we will explore the process […]