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Property PR and marketing: 8 tips to build audiences

The construction industry is being heralded as the catalyst for our economic recovery; is it time to find your next property marketing agency in the UK? Recent announcements by the Government have included a £7.1 billion national home building fund and a £100 billion infrastructure plan. There are commitments to building and upgrading public services […]

A Crisis Communications Statement – where to start?

Crises are by their very nature unexpected. And you may not recognise the need for reputation management services until the time you need some reputation management for your business! Things will inevitably go wrong at some stage and escalate into an issue that needs to be managed by effective communications, so one tool you might […]

How to successfully manage press release distribution

Oh how the world of PR has changed!  When I started out in the industry, press release distribution meant headed paper, a print run, photos developed and glued on, hard back envelopes and a trip to the post office.  The process of getting a press release out to the press was a lengthy cycle of […]

How to master construction and property development marketing

The key to growth and success in the construction and property industry is delivering high-quality projects, in scope, and within projected timescales. While word-of-mouth referrals can be a reliable way to drum up new business, we’re seeing increasing numbers of businesses in the industry building an online presence to expand their reach. Much like domestic […]

How to get press coverage for your property development

With dwindling property pages in local media and huge competition for space in national supplements, residential and commercial developers need to think differently about their property PR campaign. Here are five points to consider when planning how your scheme will make headlines. What’s the problem? Strange question perhaps, but what problem does your property solve?  […]

New homes in new times – the role of PR in property development

With much of the UK property market now ‘open for business’, residential developers are making plans to grab the attention of buyers and investors once more.  So, if you are bringing a scheme to market over the coming months the role of PR will be key, here are a few pointers for your property marketing […]

Helping Leagues4you get women off the couch and onto the court with brand exposure

Team AMBITIOUS donned its kit this season to help leagues4you encourage women (and men) around the country to get off the couch and onto the court with brand exposure. Leagues4you, run by the formidable Charlotte Waugh and her team, is on a mission to bring people together through social sports for friendship, community and wellbeing. […]