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Client charter for AMBITIOUS businesses

Client service – what is it and why does it matter?  At AMBITIOUS, we talk a lot about client service.  It’s important to us, essential even. Top-notch client service is in the very fabric of what we do. As an agency, you can deliver great results but without good client service, your clients will always […]

Stakeholder mapping for success

Stakeholder mapping is a valuable tool that could determine the lifecycle of your next important project or product launch. To develop new initiatives or projects, you’ll need support from your stakeholders. By visualising your key stakeholders, you can plan with greater confidence and avoid potential hazards at an early stage. How do I identify potential […]

The ultimate guide to PR for 2022

As the name ‘public relations’ suggests, PR is all about how you, as a business, communicate with your stakeholders. That includes a range of people, from customers, employees and partners to journalists, politicians and the general public. But what is effective PR? It’s all about building your company’s credibility and increasing awareness about what you […]

24 Marketing and PR Buzzwords for 2022

The isolation we’ve collectively experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic means that consumers have begun to crave a more down-to-earth, human-oriented approach to marketing. One which approaches them as people rather than consumers. This shift can be seen in the changing themes of the most popular buzzwords in communications, with phrases such as […]

Property PR and marketing: 8 tips to build audiences

The construction industry is being heralded as the catalyst for our economic recovery; is it time to find your next property marketing agency in the UK? Recent announcements by the Government have included a £7.1 billion national home building fund and a £100 billion infrastructure plan. There are commitments to building and upgrading public services […]