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Digital trends in financial Public Relations

The financial services industry is undergoing massive disruption. Emerging fintechs are fuelling demand for innovation. Customers are expecting improved experiences and personalised services. Legacy banking systems are being pushed aside in favour of new solutions. Consumers are driving these changes, and banking can use its disruption responses as leverage. Digital innovation With three in four […]

The role of PR in growth marketing

A growth marketer uses the entire marketing funnel to identify patterns, refine strategies and achieve long-term successful growth. It’s a data-driven, customer-centric approach that considers the full customer journey, from awareness to activation. This is why it aligns itself so well with PR. What is growth marketing? Growth marketing is essentially about experimentation. It’s a […]

Cybersecurity PR: running a successful press office

Running a press office for cybersecurity companies is like nothing else. It requires a high degree of attention and industry knowledge to be able to support the press with the information they need – from insights that the media can quote from within the business, case studies or more data for a story. Having a […]

How to handle media interviews as cybersecurity professionals

A guide for cybersecurity professionals Establishing your presence in the media takes time and effort. There are more opportunities than ever before to appear in interviews on TV, online, podcasts, social media channels and radio. The media landscape has exploded. People expect to see and hear from companies and experts now, therefore, it’s never been […]

Cybersecurity PR: using data to tell your story

The news is busier than ever, not least for the cybersecurity industry. Therefore, getting cut through is essential. Telling the right story will increase your visibility and kudos with journalists. But, what is the right story? Cybersecurity companies have a wealth of information at their fingertips, from detecting new forms of malware to unpicking how […]

5 PR tactics to crack the news cycle

The strategies and tactics needed to get your brand seen and heard have changed in today’s always-on world. Much more is needed than the traditional PR route of crafting a press release, pitching to journalists and building a great contacts list. You need to pick your tactics wisely. In this blog, we look at 5 […]

Why you need to consider influencer marketing in 2023

Influencer marketing has come a long way in recent years. It is no longer bound to the confines of Instagram, targeting an audience of teens and tweens. In short, influencer marketing has grown up. Influencer marketing is no longer the sole domain of celebrity influencers and accounts with over one million followers. It’s far more […]

Boost Your Brand’s Authenticity With A Grassroot Internet Celebrity

A grassroots internet celebrity offers an innovative way to boost a brand’s authenticity While influencers might reach millions of fans, likes and shares won’t pay the bills. However, with new platforms like Cameo, a nascent internet celebrity is able to monetise their fame. This is driving growth in ‘grassroots celebrities’, who aren’t household names but […]

The social media renaissance: learning to play nice online

Why the social media renaissance rewards brands that play nice on social media The great social media renaissance is underway, says Nadja Bellan-White, Vice Media Group’s Global CMO. The defining feature of this revolution is a change in the role of social media, brought about by the global pandemic. For a whole year, social media […]