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Maria Abshir’s intern experience at AMBITIOUS

My internship at AMBITIOUS PR Despite my initial nerves about interning for a PR agency (as someone without any prior experience in PR), I had a smooth introduction into the world of PR, and an even smoother transition into office work in general, and it was all thanks to the wonderful team at AMBITIOUS PR. […]

The Danger Of Data Analytics In Marketing

Data analytics in marketing is essential for any modern business. If you don’t have data analysed in the right way, you can’t understand your customers, and if you can’t understand them you can’t reach them. So, if data is good, more data must be better, right? Not necessarily. As Rishad Tobaccowala puts it: “We have huge […]

We need you! A Sustainability Communications PR Consultant

Sustainability Communications: PR Consultant Now is the time to join this ambitious company, flex your experience, and embrace new challenges! Come and talk to AMBITIOUS! We’re expanding our AMBITIOUS team and we’re recruiting a new PR Consultant with sustainability communications experience. About you You currently hold the role of Account Manager or Senior Account Executive […]

Get measuring: find your ROI in digital marketing

One of the really great things about digital marketing is that we can get a deep understanding of ROI. Measuring digital marketing ROI is absolutely essential to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Without knowing the performance, it’s impossible to determine whether your tactics are generating the right results.  Knowing how effective your tactics are […]

Using social media for business

It’s been a little over a decade since the inception, but using social media for business has had a huge impact on how we sell services and products. Social media platforms are integrated into every part of our daily lives for most people, with users spending an average of two hours and 25 minutes a […]

Why combine PR strategy with SEO?

PR isn’t the first thing that pops up when thinking about SEO, but understanding what is PR in SEO is key to great results. Businesses often separate PR and SEO, with PR to promote the brand and SEO concentrating on ranking and traffic. Blending PR and SEO together achieves better results. Even Google’s John Mueller […]