August marketing inspiration

August Marketing Inspiration

August 2022. The month football came home for the first time in decades! We saw brands celebrate with witty reactionary campaigns, as well as a fun blast from the past from an old rival of Netflix…


“Who knew you could freeze milk? Well, I didn’t. But now thanks to Co-Op and their new milk bottle branding informing us how to freeze milk safely and recycle our plastic bottles, I and I’m sure thousands of others will no longer be pouring our out-of-date milk down the sink.

“The messaging is simple and understated, but is a great small adjustment to their packaging, enabling the shop to play its role in reducing waste in the UK, as well as helping those who are saving their pennies ahead of the winter. Particularly with the wide-scale coverage of the cost-of-living crisis, this is a well-timed and effective marketing campaign. Cheers to you, Co-Op.”


“Following on from the Lionesses finally ‘Bringing it Home’ for England at Euro 2022 last month, Royal Mail were quick off the mark with this beautifully simple post across LinkedIn!

“Well played Lionesses and Royal Mail.”


“Blockbuster has re-appeared out of nowhere on Twitter, spouting witty engagement left right and centre.

“Maybe a former employee just stumbled across their old login? Or perhaps there’s something bigger in the making?

“The rumours are now rife online. Lone tweeter or the precursor for a juggernaut marketing push for Blockbusters’ reincarnation?”


“Sainsbury’s veggie billboard was quick, topical, really captured the moment and made people talk …”


“Müller turned the corner of a billboard for the 30th anniversary of Müller Corner yoghurts this August.

“Despite the close-up imagery, it is clear as day that the yoghurt photographed is Müller, reminding us that they are infact the original corner yoghurt.”

Excited to see what marketing campaigns catch our eye this month. We’re always interested to hear what marketing has resonated with you recently, so drop us an email.