In the spirit of Vodaphone’s recent announcement that 5G is going to be launching in Bristol (roll on July 3rd) we thought we would give you a roundup of some apps worthy of fast and reliable data and that we use within our PR agency… Sorry Candy Crush, you didn’t make the cut. Here are our top apps for agencies.


It can be difficult to stay on brand when posting images to the grid, especially when guidelines state you ‘must use Pantone 16-1546’. PicsArt solves this problem, hallelujah! This free photo editing app allows you to use the FX – colour replace tool to swap out colours without having to open photoshop and erase it yourself. Our content apprentice Izzy uses this tool to correct our Instagram images to the right tone of yellow.

Canon Camera Connect

If you have a wi-fi and / or Bluetooth Canon camera, you NEED this app. Camera Connect ‘does what is says on the tin’, it wirelessly connects your camera with your device so you can view and download the images and videos from it immediately. This is especially great for events when photos need to be uploaded then and there. There’s also a handy feature on the app called Remote Live View Shooting, so you can set the camera up on a tripod and use your device as the shutter


We’ve all heard of uber, but what you might not know is that you can set up a business profile, which sends all ride receipts to a chosen work inbox, gives you monthly travel reports and lets you set an appropriate payment method.


Synergist is an industry recognised job costing and project management solution serving creative, digital, marketing and PR consultancies worldwide. We love using the app version to record timesheets, file expenses and check weekly calendar updates.


This one is a no brainer. Perhaps the best food delivery app there is, as it has all of our favourites for a Friday team lunch. It’s also a great way for us to send a nice treat to our clients. If only they did a loyalty scheme… Hint hint. A great one to include in top apps for agencies.


Buffer is a great social media management tool for content creators because you can keep all your different accounts in one place. It can share scheduled posts automatically, gather easy to digest analytics and it shows you an Instagram grid preview that not many competitor apps have.


We see Alexa as our office assistant, from playing our favourite radio stations, to ordering office essentials on Amazon. If Alexa was a full-time employee, she would deserve a pay rise!

RingGo Parking

If on foot or bike isn’t an option then RingGo is essential if you work in or around the centre of Bristol and need to park. Say goodbye to parking tickets. This app is a life saver when you realise you have no change to pay for parking. It also notifies you when you need to top up, because we’re all guilty sometimes of underestimating our stay…

Do you already use any of these apps, or are you going to try any we’ve recommended? Let us know in the comments below – or connect with us on Twitter @Ambitiouspr. Or contact us directly here with your top apps for agencies recommendations.