AMBITIOUS: a Sunday Timest Best Place to Work



Incredible things are happening here at AMBITIOUS.  We’ve been named in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work for 2024!

This is such a huge milestone for the agency… and a testament to the focus and investment given to fuelling a collaborative team culture and a business where individuals can thrive.

Launched 12 years ago, AMBITIOUS was founded to offer a better experience for both clients and people in equal measures – an agency where culture and values meant something beyond just words on a page.

Now with a team of 25 and having driven significant growth in the past three years, taking the opportunity to put our agency, its leadership, its operations and its governance under the microscope felt like the right time.

The Sunday Times Best Place to Work List is the ideal barometer for this. Because it is based entirely on employee and team feedback. It’s not like any other business award or accreditation. There’s no ‘entry’ in the traditional sense. So by pushing for inclusion, as an employer, you’re really putting yourself out there and trusting in what you’ve built.

This makes it an incredibly difficult list to feature on.

The Sunday Times and WorkL analyse employee survey data from 70,000 organisations to create the Best Place to Work list. Teams answer 26 questions, developed by behavioural scientists, data analysts, psychologists, business leaders and academics to monitor employee engagement, well-being and discretionary effort most accurately in the workplace.

For a business to make it onto the final list of best places to work, it must achieve high engagment scores across a six-step framework, covering reward and recognition, instilling pride, information sharing, empowerment, well-being and job satisfaction.

Our own results were fantastic. Scoring an average engagement rating of 90%. The fact that we’re now on this list, is proof of our values charter and the way we run the business.

We’ve invested significantly in structure and resources to build out our culture. Here at AMBITIOUS, these values underpin everything we do!

It’s what allows us to attract top talent across all levels and it’s what ensures that those talented individuals remain. It’s what has led us to a 100% staff retention rate over three years.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to build a culture that enables people to turn up and perform while giving individuals the tools and training they need to meet their own personal and professional goals and ambitions.  I couldn’t be prouder of this achievement. It’s an astonishing milestone.

Is it a high bar, yes. But is it a high bar that is worth setting… absolutely.