Desk set-up with a laptop, tablet mug and a plant.

A week in the life of an AMBITIOUS intern

Written by Amelia Rose, a final-year English Literature and Creative Writing student at the University of the West of England (UWE).

As part of my course at UWE, I had the opportunity to complete a work placement at AMBITIOUS. Prior to this week, I felt apprehensive about working in an office environment, but the team were quick to dissolve any of my concerns.

On Monday I came in and was immediately put at ease. After being sat at my desk and given a few introductions, we gathered for breakfast and a briefing on what everyone’s week ahead entailed. After getting a feel for the projects being worked on, I sat in on a brainstorm. The team’s creativity sparked my interest, readying me for the week ahead.

The first project I received a briefing on was concerned with a podcast-style video, filmed and edited for a client. My task was to review the footage and pick out key moments of interest and points that could be cut out. After briefly researching the company, and watching the video once, I worked on taking notes of time stamps. I hadn’t done anything like this before, so it was interesting to see the range of work taking place at AMBITIOUS and a good way of easing into the week.

Wednesday started with a meeting and brainstorming for some social media content. For this, we pinpointed TikTok trends that the company could use on their social media, and then took pictures needed to make this content. After discussing with members of the team, I realised how important it is for AMBITIOUS to promote and represent their company. Not only does the content appeal to clients but also those looking for a career or to join the team. Another highlight of Wednesday was the all-agency lunch. This was a great chance to learn more about the industry and the team’s personal experiences.

AMBITIOUS gave me multiple opportunities to challenge my creative writing skills. I had the chance to research and write a few pages for their internal newsletter and try my hand at some SEO work, using a content editor and generating a blog-style piece informed by their client’s brief. Learning how to use this software was interesting and something I can hopefully do more transitioning into a career. Composing emails and general communication is another aspect of writing that I learnt more about and will take away from this experience. Throughout the week there were many tasks to be working on, so there was never a point where I felt I had nothing to do. This included researching for insight, editing and writing.

Leading up to my placement, I’d been in contact with AMBITIOUS, and they made a point to understand exactly what I was interested in doing. This meant my week was filled with a variety of tasks and opportunities, to both refine and expand upon my skillset.

I would highly recommend an internship with AMBITIOUS to anyone who has the opportunity. I’m so grateful for how welcoming and generous everyone has been – this experience is invaluable.


If you’re interested in joining us for an experience like this or want to work at AMBITIOUS, get in contact or keep an eye on our Join Us page for opportunities.