7 top tips for handling a property PR campaign

7 top tips for handling a property PR campaign

PR and marketing campaigns in the property and construction industry can boost a project, without a doubt. Our associate director, Dani Andres, discusses her top seven pieces of advice to consider for every property PR campaign:


1. Take the high road: when you’ve invested your heart and soul into a project, it can be extremely gruelling to witness members of the public, and other parties attack your scheme, especially when they’re not armed with the detail and knowledge you hold. Remember, that those with the loudest voices aren’t always the majority, and a public spat is not going to get anyone anywhere. Take the high road, stay true to your messaging, and avoid getting pulled down into the minutiae.


2. Be open, honest, and don’t be afraid to show emotion: challenges occur, issues happen and sometimes delays are inevitable. Sometimes it’s easy to forget in a commercial world, that ultimately behind the scenes we are all normal people, with feelings. It’s always been important to show a face, a front-running personality to build as a thought leader, or industry influencer but since Covid, it’s important to also show their more human side.


3. Time it right: with any announcements, consider your timing, what you say when, and allow a level of flexibility to move with the news agenda, and to update your messaging accordingly.


4. Brief well and be helpful: in a digital-led era it’s only too easy for misinformation to circulate, and opinion to become understood as fact. Lives and diaries are always busy but take the time to really brief, meet and update your stakeholders – ideally face-to-face.


5. Be firm on your USPs and the gap you’re filling: closely linked to our point on taking the high road, too easily people can grasp onto details that suit the narrative they want to present – as humans, it’s ingrained in us to seek the answers to our problems but find what we want to find in any given situation. There is no other sector, more closely aligned to the economy than property so nine times out of ten, your ambitions and objectives help to address and tackle the much bigger issues at play. Acknowledge these, replay them, shout them from the rooftops and define your work by this. Just with everything you say, ensure your integrity by having the proof points in place to back up any unique selling points and values that stand you apart from the competition.


6. Keep communicating with the backlog in the planning system: a declining construction workforce progress on any property development can be excruciatingly slow. But in a time of uncertainly, when people are constantly being barraged by negative news of companies going under, scaling back and redundancies being made it’s important to maintain a flow of communication – reassure audiences that you are still very committed, very present and maintain a level of anticipation and awareness until a time when you can shower them with more detail.


7. Be visual: remember the age-old saying a picture says a thousand words, well that couldn’t be more relevant than now. Our attention spans are at an all-time low, eight seconds at most so if you want to engage and give an accurate then do it visually. There’s no better way of delivering true expectations and a representation of reality than through visual aids.


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