Eye-catching design may be the first thing that grabs attention, but without compelling copy your audience will soon go elsewhere. A good copywriter can help you elevate your brand or business and encourage people to respond – not only that, they can improve your search rankings and help reduce your to-do list.

It’s fair to say that we know a bit about copywriting, so here are our seven top reasons to hire an experienced copywriter.

Basics matter

When you read well written copy, you take the basics for granted: structure and layout, spelling, punctuation and grammar. However, when the basics are bad it really shows – and this can reflect negatively on your business.

A good copywriter will make this one of their main priorities, ensuring that all copy reads well, is free of mistakes and typos, and crucially, looks professional.

Good copy helps with SEO

If you’re spending time and money on producing web content, you want it to be seen. That doesn’t mean ramming the page full of keywords and badly formatted links. Experienced online copywriters will strike the right balance between copy that reads well and is also well-optimised for search engines.

They will weave the right key phrases seamlessly into the copy, ensuring they are used across titles, subheaders and URLs, as well as in the body copy. And don’t scrimp on the time it takes to produce metadata. After all, a well-crafted search engine blurb can make all the difference to whether you get someone to click-through to your website.

Consistency counts

Are you taking a clear and consistent approach to your copy? Are your channels aligned, or have you fallen into the trap of using a variety of descriptions, language and tone of voice? This is easily done, especially if you have a group of people creating content on different platforms.

Copywriters have a great eye for consistency and can help you to take a step back and consider the most important information to include, steering you away from a scattergun approach to one that’s more holistic.

Avoid cringeworthy copy

Sometimes copy can just make you cringe. You know, when it’s, like, trying to be really sick with buzzwords and slang or be over-friendly, dude. Or it’s packed with exclamation marks!!! Let’s start thinking outside the box and avoid using clichés and bad puns.

Of course, used well and appropriately, these elements can all be effective – but it’s best to leave it to the copywriter. Enough said.

 Copywriters care about clarity

You may not expect a copywriter to challenge the content they are producing, but often they will. And, they should. It’s their job to question what the words on the page mean and read it through the eyes of your target audience. Often, businesses and brands are too close to their work, so they make assumptions about how much the audience knows about their subject matter. An experienced copywriter will challenge this and fill in the gaps to give your content clarity. 

Time to nail your tone of voice

Nailing your tone of voice is one of the hardest things to get right without the help of a decent copywriter. Do you want to sound warm and friendly, professional and business-like, or knowledgeable and authoritative? Use the wrong language and it’s easy to present yourself, your brand or your business in the wrong light.

Copywriters can help draw up some simple guidelines to help all content creators stick to the right tone of voice, with language to use and avoid, and examples of good and bad ways to express the same idea.

Sort out your content strategy

With the growth of social, more and more copywriters are turning their hands to producing content for these channels, which is great news for your company. It means that you can draw upon their experience of writing for print, web and social media as you plot a content strategy across all these channels. They may even have photography, design or video skills, helping you to save time and money creating a range of worthwhile content.

We’d love to hear from you. What reasons would make you hire a copywriter to produce content for your business? Tell us more in the comments below, or connect with us on Twitter @Ambitiouspr.

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