When it comes to content creation, you can never underestimate the power of great copy.

Flashy and eye-catching designs will only take you so far, without compelling copy to back up a strong visual. Your content is simply a case of all style and no substance.

Whether it’s web copy, press releases, social media posts, content marketing, digital ads, SEO copywriting, sales emails, product descriptions or digital marketing, having a strong and experienced copywriter makes a huge difference.

A good copywriter can help you elevate your brand, encourage greater responses to your calls to action, even improve your search engine ranking… and just generally alleviate your to-do list.

It’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about copywriting, so here are our seven top reasons to hire an experienced copywriter.

Basics matter

When you read well-written copy, you take the basics for granted: structure and layout, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

However, when the basics aren’t quite there, then it really grabs the reader’s attention. Not only does it catch the eye, but it can reflect negatively on your business.

A good copywriter will make this one of their main priorities, ensuring that all copy reads well, is free of mistakes and typos, and crucially, looks professional.

Website copywriting services: helping get you seen

If you’re spending time and money on producing web content, you want it to be seen. With experienced professional copywriting services, you can achieve this,

Firstly, what this doesn’t mean is overloading your web pages with 1001 different keywords and poorly formatted links. Where a professional copywriter will prove their quality, is in striking the right balance between well-structured copy which reads well, while being fully optimised for search engines.

Utilising copywriting services in this way will naturally improve your web copy. The copywriter will ensure that keyword research is undertaken, and in turn, write copy which is tailored to a specific audience and set of keywords.

With a great copywriter. Those keywords will then be seamlessly woven, not just into the main copy, but across titles, sub-headers, URLs and even metadata. All these things work together to help improve your SERP and SEO ratings, and in turn, increase your web traffic.

And remember, a well-crafted search engine blurb can make all the difference to whether you get someone to click through to your website.

Consistency counts

Are you taking a clear and consistent approach to your copy?

Are your channels aligned, or have you fallen into the trap of using a variety of descriptions, language and tone of voice? Copywriters not only have a great eye for consistency and can help you step back and reassess your options but they can also street you away from a potentially brand-damaging scattergun approach.

If these elements have been a problem point for your business, then engaging with copywriting services and aligning with engaging content strategies can have massive benefits for your business

Consistency is particularly important with social media posts. Content writing for social media is an art and a science. Post after post, it must reflect brand voice, be quality content, serve marketing objectives while at the same time not being so constantly sales driven that it turns away potential customers.

Consistency in social media really counts, because the modern-day communications chain between brand and consumer is more convoluted than it has ever been. Now there are countless brands and businesses vying for the attention of the public, and that level of volume and exposure quickly becomes exhausting.

Consumers will quickly turn off from sloppy, irrelevant or disengaging content. This is damaging to your lead generation potential, your content strategy in the long term as well as your brand loyalty and fundamentally, your bottom line.

Avoid cringe-worthy copy

Sometimes copy can just make you cringe.

Perhaps it’s an over-friendly tone in a piece of email marketing, video scripts which are riddled with cliche and bad puns, corporate copy that is just overloaded with illegible buzz words, or maybe some social media content which really missed the mark.

Avoiding this kind of copy is quite honestly easier said than done. For most, it’s all too simple to fall into writing in cliche or to lean heavily into buzz words and acronyms which the majority of the public don’t understand.

Avoiding this kind of copy is particularly important when it comes to writing and issuing a press release. The art of drafting a media release is a subtle one, and its best left to the copywriter. Because a dull release will simply be ignored, however, a badly written one has the potential to damage your reputation.

Clarity overall

Clarity and conciseness are some of the most important attributes of any written content. As we’ve eluded to previously, consumers are bombarded with brand touchpoints on a daily basis.

The key to cutting through this is clarity.

Whether it’s website content, video scripts, social media or long-form content, where the best copywriting services set themselves apart in the ability to create content with clarity. And while you may not expect a copywriter to challenge the content they are producing, they should.

Part of the role of the copywriting service is to question what the words on the page mean and how they could be perceived through the eyes of your target audience.

All too often, businesses and brands are too close to their work, while involvement from too many in-house team members and project manager input, can often be to the detriment of the clear and concise copy.

When engaging copywriting services, bear this in mind and look to give the professional copywriter, or copywriting agency a level of autonomy away from the wider team

Time to nail your tone of voice

Without the help of a great copywriter, this can be one of the most difficult things to get right.

By employing the wrong language and it’s easy to present yourself, your brand or your business in the wrong light.

Consider, do you want to sound warm and friendly, professional and business-like, or knowledgeable and authoritative? it’s one thing to know how you want to sound, but presenting that vision consistently is a very different challenge.

Great copywriting services can really help you develop your content strategy before a single word has even been written.

Copywriters can help draw up some simple guidelines to help all content creators stick to the right tone of voice, with language to use and avoid, and examples of good and bad ways to express the same idea.

Sort out your content strategy

Copywriters can help your business in more ways than you may think.

You can draw upon the experiences of talented copywriters for print, web and social media as you plot a content strategy across all these channels… but it doesn’t stop there.

Many modern-day copywriters are multi-talented content marketing experts, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in photography, design and video skills, to really make the most out of your content strategy.

Here at AMBITIOUS the experience of our team spans all of these aspects, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to develop and implement a wide range of content marketing and copywriting services. If you’d like to speak to a member of the team about our copywriting services, you can find out more about our services here, and book a half an hour call to help us, help you, navigate your content requirements at [email protected].