2017 PR Week Global Comms Report: Key takeaways


We recently managed to go through the PR Week Global Comms Report in detail and see the challenges that we’ll need to watch out for in 2018. And, thought that was worth sharing …

The report which was conducted in collaboration with Cision surveyed comms professionals in seven different countries. Despite agreeing on the key challenges, like tightening budgets, measuring impact of content strategies, and talent acquisition, the seven countries surveyed also had varied approaches to social media, working with influencers and measuring effectiveness of content.

Here are our top 4 takeaways from the report:

1. More emphasis is needed on how communication strategies can achieve business objectives.

One of the most difficult challenges faced by 63% of respondents was the inability to measure impact effectively, which was listed as one of the top 3 challenges faced by the comms industry.

We realise the challenge of measuring PR activity is not a new one, but with the growth of digital, in 2018 a comms campaign should be able to showcase how it can meet not only PR KPIs, but highlight the impact it has on wider publics’.

We use Google Analytics, social media insights and coverage tracking to not only offer insight on the reach of a campaign, but also use the data to inform us about potential opportunities we’ve yet to include in our strategy.

2. Talent acquisition and recruitment is going to be another key challenge in 2018 for PR agencies around the globe, with 67% placing this as one of their top three challenges.

As a business in 2018, it will be really important to get the balance right between investing in training and development, while offering a solid career progress package to new employees.

3. Channelling content through social media.

Facebook is still the leading platform around the globe to help broaden content strategies, closely followed by Twitter and Instagram.

Although the US picked Instagram as the third most influential social channel, it ranked it the highest of all the countries who participated. It will be interesting to see how companies adapt different campaigns on Instagram, and how data will be used to guide visual strategy through the availability of analytics on the platform.

4. Influencer led collaborations will carry on growing if end-consumer metrics can be tracked.

Out of all the countries surveyed, it seems US PR pros are struggling the most out of all surveyed countries with choosing the right influencers to work with that can deliver end-consumer data.

When it comes to the influencers themselves, everyday consumers are clearly the target around the globe to impact customer behaviour. Celebrities, mainstream journalists and micro-influencers all have clout with consumers, while corporate executives are viewed as having least impact on end-consumer behaviours.

The report highlighted challenges, but also some really exciting developments, specifically in digital comms. PR practitioners can now implement campaigns through multiple channels, from social media, to video and podcasts, facilitating a wider reach for content strategies.

It’s not surprising that through the availability of new digital channels and transparent metrics, 66% of survey respondents placed content creation as one of their three most important activities.

Visit the full report to see how the Global Comms Challenges and Trends might help shape your strategy in 2018, and let us know in the comments of any challenges you have faced in 2017.

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